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Mause Avoider – Google Game Apps Game

Mause Avoider – Google Game Apps

Mause Avoider

There’s a guy in the game gooks. The aim is obviously trying to catch the mouse icon. We’re trying to miss that guy. Different tactics and careful combination of fast movements is called. Is played with the mouse, a game that all ages can play segments. Anti can also create a response. Let’s see how much you could stay 202 seconds I going to do?


What is the mouse?
Rat or mouse, usually held in the palm, movements to control the movement of the cursor on the computer screen, data input device. Mouse model according to one or more numbers on the wheel can press. The first computer mouse was made by Douglas Engelbart in 1964. Mouse gestures mechanical, LED optical, laser optical method can detect. The information obtained from the mouse to the computer via cable, infrared, or Bluetooth can transmit radio waves.

According to the structure of the program, sometimes to the point of being carried out in the menu to select or screen display keys on the keyboard to go take a long time. This process is involved in accelerating.

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